Review: The Cookbook You Must Own

I first happened upon Molly Yeh’s cookbook nestled with other holiday gift books while mollyChristmas shopping at Barnes & Noble (does one holiday shop anywhere else? One does not!). From the get-go, this book had an eye catching minimalist design—obviously adorable with Molly on the cover—and charming writing to hook readers. Sandwiched with each recipe were stories of Yeh’s life leading up to her current station “on the range,” which includes suburb Chicago life, Manhattan eating nostalgia, impress-your-new-boyfriend food guides, and “Hotdish? What’s a hot dish?!” reflections.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes food, but also those who were born between 1985 and 1995 to pick up on many of Yeh’s references. A former Juilliard percussionist, her life has been a whirlwind of musical related practices, auditions, and—obviously—Juilliard itself. While there, she realized that she wasn’t going to go into orchestra or musical performance full-time, and as happenstance would have it, she ended up moving to her now-husband (Eggboy’s) North Dakota/Minnesota border family sugar beet farm.

Let’s take a moment and note that I learned that entire last paragraph from reading her cookbook, not her blog. While the book is a compilation of her blog recipes, which can be found at My Name Is Yeh, the book is her story in addition to her recipes.

Read on for more about Yeh’s cookbook Molly on the Range… 

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The Bread

If you’ve had a holiday season that is in any way comparable to mine, you’ve done nothing but eat bread, pasta, and pretty much anything carb-oriented for the past several weeks. I’m talking pizza, spaghetti, homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies, tarts, quiches … I think you catch my drift. (And if you haven’t had this kind of holiday season and never intend to, go ahead and roll along; I don’t need your negativity, even by omission. I’m joking but also serious. Carbs are life.)

All the breads! Yum! Photo from Betty’s Blog. She can only be another carbophile like myself, I hope.

What I’d like to share with you is a bread recipe that would make unicorns jealous. Like, if angels were bakers, this is the bread they’d sing about. Dare I say it, if I were to have Jesus over for dinner, this is the bread I would serve him—with dipping oil, of course. (And that’s a BIG DEAL seeing as how I subscribe to the belief that He is the Bread of Life.) Yeah. This bread is THAT good. I am now going to refer to it as The Bread because it’s so good.

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