Reflection: Mid-life Lessons

cat-2517583_1920I’m entering  a new decade here soon, and I’d like to document what I’ve learned. I’m by no means an absolutist, but these truisms have carried me into better years of mental health, stable and sustained friendships, and positive community involvement.

They also fit neatly into a numbered list of ten, so I’m getting that “organization” thing down. (Marie Kondo WHO?! I got this!)

In true 2017 fashion, I thought I’d tell the internet about my lessons. As one does.

If you’re okay with keyboard evangelizing, by all means, please continue… 

  1. //  Always be kind. It’s taught early in life, but sometimes we forget. Perhaps some may want to just state “Don’t be mean” in the event they cannot be kind. Whatever works for you!
  2. //  Read more than you watch.
  3. //  If you like or love someone, tell them. Tell them over and over and over again. Let your actions follow your words. (Billboards optional but encouraged.)
  4. //  Pray, even and especially when you don’t feel like it. You can even borrow my all-day-long prayer: “Thank you, have mercy, send peace.”
  5. //  Afford more grace than needed more often than necessary.
  6. //  If you have the ability to serve in any way, do it. This action can be as simple as stacking up your plates after eating at a restaurant so the wait-staff has one less thing to do. It can also be joining the Peace Corps. You do YOU.
  7. //  If you have the means to give, do so. Time, money, skills. Give it all away.
  8. //  Know that there are no “others.” We all inextricably belong to one another; help everyone.
  9. //  If you have the means to make someone happy, do it. If a stranger has beautiful eyes, tell them. If you can make extra cookies, share them (though maybe not with strangers as that’s frowned upon by law enforcement). If you can sing in the car so others can enjoy it—because of or in spite of your voice—do it. The world needs more happy.
  10. //  Wake up every day and strive to become your best self. Know that your best self may arrive by helping others become their best selves.

That’s all I have. I’m pretty sure the list can be filtered under the umbrella of numbers one and two, but elaboration is my favorite. (“Hi, my name is Anna–what’s your favorite adjective?!”)

As my friend Kara over at An Adventure Story said on her most recent birthday, “The older I get, the more I like who I am.” Agreed, friend! These are the items that have lead me to that same acceptance. Even after this list, I know I’m still an elementary student in the grand school of life; there is still much work to be done before graduation.

On to another decade. Cheers!


PS – I’m pretty sure Jesus also created a list of ten lessons / rules. His list is pretty stellar, too. Just FYI. 😊


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