My Real Vote

Today is a big deal. There’s no way around it, and I don’t care if you’re political. It’s a Big Freakin’ Deal. People in the hills of Nepal, jungles of…the places where there are jungles, and the sands of Egypt are talking about this election.

I remember in ’08 hearing the official announcement of Barack Obama’s secured nomination for the presidency. We took a break from our Non-Western Literature lecture and just sat and discussed the gravity of it. It wasn’t a biased discussion; it was merely a reflection on the weight of change in our nation. Not everyone was pro-Obama, but everyone recognized the moment for what it was–massive.

This year, our election is another potential historical catalyst (for what, well, we’ll see). However, I texted my dad tonight to see if he voted. Our conversation really sums up what I feel should be the focus of our lives tonight:


To be clear, I’m not equating the Cubs winning the World Series to a Hillary win, because who knows. It’s early in the night and anything can happen. It’s been a historical situation regardless.

But I am suggesting that my happiness is not dependent on either one. Baseball nor presidents determine my happiness. My vote is for the happiness that I decide I’m going to have, and that happiness is anytime I get to spend with those I truly care about–namely, my parents and close family.

My real vote is for my family, and it’s also for your family too. I hope that you also see that the important outcome is what you do to enjoy your people, your tribe. In the words of the great Vanilla Ice: “Word to ya mother” or, in my case, father.

**Finally, thanks suffragettes… I can post this trite conversation about voting with my father because you all went to bat for me in the early 20th century. In another time, my dad would have been telling me I couldn’t vote, not suggesting that I find my own happiness this year. Damn, one hundred years sure does shake some things up.**

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