Show the Love

Two days ago, we paid tribute to the former student I lost in this post. It was a gathering of community members, friends, and family. His brother gave an incredible speech to everyone in attendance about how much love his brother had for others. And it’s true–the kid knew from a young age how to share and show love for others, a tactic not even those twice my age often employ. The call to action was that those there remember to share our love as a testament to what can no longer be shared by Dane.

And yet, this week I’ve been shown so much love by those that are not Dane. Perhaps, though, that is the way it works. Perhaps the love he isn’t able to share is now coming out in those left behind.

Saturday, my son and I ran to Wal-Mart to grab a few items that we couldn’t live without before Sunday: cat food, dog food, and contact solution. You know, the really important stuff. It’s late for me–after 7 p.m. because I’m old–and I just want to go home. I grabbed the items quickly and went to the front. A man whom I’d seen while walking to the front let me in front of him in line. While checking out, he asked “Can I do something nice for you?” and before I could respond, he swiped his card and paid for my items. $40 worth of pet food and eyeball fluid, paid. I didn’t even know what to do. He wouldn’t tell me his name, so I stuttered through a “thank you” and said I’d pray for him.

Sunday, a co-worker of mine attended a baby shower. From what I can tell, that baby shower must have been akin to those that I also attend: many, many women sharing stories about their children, never themselves, and talking (er, gossiping) about other people. She texted me afterwards and said that the shower reminded her of how much she needed friends with substance, and she thanked me for being one of them. What a compliment! Most of the time I think my “substance” is just stuff that I ramble or make up, but OK! What a nice thing to hear!

This morning, I arrived at work to find a gift bag on my door. Another co-worker saw a recent Facebook post about a book of poetry that I’ve been eyeing and she just bought it for me. How. Stinking. Awesome. Is. That?!? Incredible–that’s what it is. Absolutely incredible. Made my morning!

Again this morning, another friend sent me a text just to say “Thank you for being an amazing friend and being there for me whenever I need to talk, vent, drink vodka, or hit things. I really appreciate it and love you.” I immediately thought maybe she was dying; normally we don’t share thoughtful texts. I checked into it, however, and she’s not dying. She’s just sharing all the love. (I love her, too. Just in case that were not clear. And the vodka part only happens on dire occasions, I promise I keep it classy.)

So much love, and only in the course of two or three days. And it’s really got me thinking–what would happen if we shared love all of the time? Honestly–I’m overwhelmed with it. What if we all tried to share the love just a little bit more every day?

How many more people could have weeks like mine?

We don’t all have $40 to drop on a stranger, but we all have two minutes to send a thoughtful text to a friend. We all have a moment to write a note to a former teacher about his/her influence–which is what Dane did. He’ll never know how much that meant, but I do. We can all share more love, and, after this week, I am truly seeing how easy it is to make someone’s day.

So, please, don’t hold back. Please share your love. You just never know when you might not be able to anymore.

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