Creativity Challenge(d?)

I’m in a rut. And this is no “change your state of mind” and remedy the rut type of situation. This is a dark pit, an abyss I’ve fallen into with no real rhyme, reason, or merit. (I could blame that it’s March-April-ish of the academic year and everyone wants to scream bloody murder, but really that’s a terrible excuse. I think we all feel it, regardless of occupation.)

And yet… how to solve it?

I’m going to prescribe myself some creative methods, because–honestly–I just need them. I find that I work, then I come home and work, and then I don’t want to leave the house on the weekends because I’m tired from all the aforementioned work. I keep telling myself there’s nothing to do, but that’s a cop-out and we all know it. There’s ALWAYS something to do! I’m a writer/reader/thinker… stuff to do is literally lying all over my house. I love doing creative things, but I’m usually too tuckered out from other mentally exhaustive activities that I don’t do it. But I need to do it. I’m dwindling here.

So here’s my creative challenge to myself. I’ll add to it periodically, and I’ll likely post updates as well to let you know if this process helps at all. I’m going to just guess right now that this process will lead to at least paper cuts, cursing, and maybe a couple of hot glue gun burns. All for the sake of sanity!!!

1.) Create a wreath or door decoration for the season we’re in. Currently, I’d like to make this one.

2.) Hang some bunting on the front porch and/or back patio area à la this photo here. I love bunting, and I have simply never had anywhere to hang it before. Exciting decor face! 🙂

3.) Make a type of dish from another culture from scratch (no prepackaged “authentic” cuisine for me!). If you have any ideas, feel free to post; I haven’t the slightest idea on what to make here.

4.) Paint a decorative sign for a holiday season (perhaps even one of those cool double-sided ones) with scrap lumber from my garage.

5.) Figure out how to repurpose an old book into a new-to-me journal. Book binding looks like the most difficult part, but I’m pretty sure I can do it. This is one of the better tutorials I’ve found thus far.

6.) Make an outdoor scrabble set like this one.  Perhaps outdoor tic-tac-toe, too! Checkers, maybe?! We already have giant Jenga, which is a grand time, but it’s not always play-able for smaller ones.

7.) Host a real tea party, cucumber sandwiches and all! This excites me to no end, even if I have no idea what one does/brings to a tea party. Perhaps I can host a Mother’s Day tea party! Oh, now I’m excited! 🙂 Scones! Muffins! COOKIES!!!! I’m feeling better already…

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