Weekend Links #1

Blog 1
I’ve never done this before… yay, for new adventures!! I’m formatting it similar to others I’ve read because, frankly, I just secretly want to be like all of you fine bloggers, too. Here are some of my favorite things; some are random, and some are just all-time favorites. Enjoy!

  1. || Sometimes when life gets too hard, I listen to this song on repeat until I can’t sit still anymore and just have to dance. If I’m feeling really low, I watch this version because who doesn’t love Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Seriously. Adorbs.
  2. || One of these days, I’m finally going to make this and I will eat all of it. I can tell you right now that I will have zero regrets. ZERO. (This is my retroactive plan to not have food guilt… starting early!)

  1. || Who decided that these guys should be allowed to make a movie? Seriously?! (But I’m going to go see it and chuckle like a fourteen-year-old. Guaranteed.)
  2. || This clip is old, but it still makes me happy in an indescribable, goofy way. Did you know this adept and magical air guitarist was an English major?
  3. || I have such an inappropriate lady crush on this woman. I just love her. Clearly I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me, and life goes on as it does–but I’d love to. I think she’d be a fantastic friend; we could drink tea and make fun of people, except she’d sound nicer about it because of that wicked accent. *sigh*
  4. || The amazing Ms. Kara at An Adventure Story recommended this awesome dish, and it was tremendous. Like, seriously. I didn’t have some of the ingredients so I made up a bit of it, but the base was so good it didn’t even matter. Shut up and eat it already–it’s fabulous! 🙂
  5. || This song gets me all sorts of giggly. That probably says something weird about my unconscious, but I like the song, OK!? Don’t make me feel bad about it! He also treats his wife like a queen from his previous video (as far as I can tell), so I have serious respect for the guy and ALL guys who do the same.
  6. || Finally, this weekend, my all-too-short “Spring Break” (aka – two days off surrounding the Easter holiday), I plan to finish this book and start on this one. Why I decided to do more than one book club at a time escapes my overfull mind. Maybe I thought that this spring I’d have more time to read than past years of teaching (hahahaha!!!).

Happy weekend, all!

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