The E & A Art Club

Tonight my son was in an exceptionally good mood. He had a late start to school today (so did I), and the day has gone much like late starts go for anyone not in the teaching profession: Fan-freakin’-tastically. Tonight, reveling in his well-rested reverie, he decided we needed to establish a collective art club. Willing to feed pretty much any creative outlet he has (or invents), I acquiesced.

E & A Art Club
“What should we call our art club?” // “The E and A Art club!!”

We would, I learned, both participate. We would create two art pieces. I knew the entire time, of course, that I would only accomplish one, but I’m no pooper of the party variety.

While we worked (my master piece graces the left of your screen), I listened to him talk about clocks (“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m the best clock drawer I know.”), tell me about his friends (“My friend Randy* might be going to school with me next year!”), and make lots and lots of plans for our newly established and elite art organization.

For instance, this summer, we will host art sessions everyday. News to me!

We will do two art pieces at a time, my teacher instructed me. Tonight, as a lesson, we would do two drawings: one of an old TV (“You know, like from the eighties!”) and a new TV; the second was of an old clock and a new clock. He told me that he prefers analog clocks, adding “I’ve never had a digital watch, even. I prefer analog.” How do you talk like this? I wondered. You’re like a little old man in the best way possible.

I had the best time, and all I did was sit, stay quiet, and add more detail to my imperfect drawing of a TV. My son talked and chatted away about his day, his life, and his strengths and weaknesses. He politely commented when he liked something I did (“Oh, I like how you put an arrow there!”), and he showed me how important it is to be a nice teacher. Even if I knew how to do what he was saying to me (“If you draw lines one way and then lines the other way, it’ll make it look like a speaker–yeah! Just like that!”), it was fun to let him “teach” me.

E & A Art Club 2

Tonight was yet another example of how much I have to learn from my own child. All I have to do is sit down, be quiet, and let him teach me. 

As it turns out, he kind of knows what he’s doing. This sweet (“Epic,” as he would say) analog clock is what he received for his tenth birthday, and it is the subject of many still life portraits.

Here’s to the inception of a great art club! May the odds be ever patient in Ethan’s favor.





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