A Treatise on V-Day

1valentine blogSo it’s one week until the big day—Valentine’s.

Having once worked in a floral department, I know the lengths to which men, women, and children will go to show their love. Those lengths are usually tallied up on an all-too-short receipt with an all-too-expensive end. (This year, a dozen roses rings in at $69.99. While the double entendre with the price is amusing, it’s also revolting that on a regular basis it’s 33% cheaper.)

Cost aside, I find many people disregard this holiday as another commercialized holiday. I ask husbands and wives if they do anything special to mark the occasion, and they slough it off like it’s just another day—much like many now consider birthdays “just another day.”

But it’s not just another day. It’s Valentine’s Day.

I could give you a history lesson on Saint Valentine. I won’t. I could give you a tirade about how love is love, no matter if it’s puppy love or vowed love. I won’t. I could discuss the many benefits of eating chocolate for one’s health. Still, I won’t. (But seriously consider that last one.)

All I want to ask is this: If we are given a chance to celebrate, if even for one extra day, those that we love above all others, why not? If we get to give socially acceptable yet terrible punned pieces of paper to our classmates with candy Scotch-taped to them, why not? If we can tell coworkers that we love them and leave a treat in their mailboxes, why not? If we can give our children a small treat every day for the whole week of Valentine’s Day just so that they know how much they’re loved (forever and always, amen), why not? If we want to eat an entire box of See’s chocolates, twirl in a rain cloud of glitter, and dance to Hall & Oates to celebrate the fact that we’re alive and able to have people we love in our lives, WHY NOT?!

There are thousands of reasons that we are not nice to others. We see it every day displayed on the playground, online, on TV, on us. So maybe this year take Valentine’s Day (every day?) as an opportunity to give love instead. You don’t need to spend a fortune on flowers that will die. You do need to spend the time and invest in what doesn’t: your relationships with those you love.

Because, seriously. Why not?

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